This came out of frustration for not having enough local information about smartphones. For an Android dominant country, we tend to search the internet for more information about our beloved smartphones but always getting it from international sites. This site is tailored for the Philippine consumers by giving out important and relevant information such as product specification, pricing and where to buy them.

We are a group of sites which mainly tackle with Tech news on the upcoming gadgets and the popular gadgets and devices in the Philippines.

GadgetNewsPH – Spearheaded by the Gadgetnewsmaster, this is news about the latest and popular gadgets in the Philippines ranging from tablets, phones to gimbals and drones.

Laptops PH – A site maintained by the LaptopAdmin, “finding the right laptop for everyone is my calling in life” from Chromebooks to Ultrabooks, LA’s got the article for you.

AndroidPhones PH Written and curated by Fandroid, this is everything and anything android. Expect an unbiased review of the popular phone brands in the Philippines also stay to tuned to his tips and tricks.